Daya Ceglia brings years of graphic design experience to the web. Custom web design that works for you, your customers, and your budget. And great design goes beyond the web: logos, brochures, collateral, posters, packaging, book covers, signage, exhibit graphics, and more. Daya will work with you on all your graphic and web design needs—in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

"Daya helped us change our whole corporate image— from updated logo to a new website. The result has been dramatic for our business. We are constantly receiving calls from people who say they chose us because of the beauty of our website. I love working with Daya because I always know that the final result is going to be great."
Heather Picard, Owner, Equinox Landscape, Petaluma, CA

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Website Design & Graphic Design for many types of businesses, including:

Sustainable Landscape Co., Petaluma, CA
Commercial Construction Co., Houston, TX
Hip-Hop Dance Teacher, Santa Rosa, CA
Political Action Committee, Petaluma, CA
Non-Profit Environmental Org., Santa Rosa, CA
Sustainability Consultant, Cotati, CA
Sustainable Landscape Designer, Santa Rosa, CA

Wedding Coordinator, San Rafael, CA
Massage Therapist, Cotati, CA
Architect, Los Gatos, CA
Medical Center, Petaluma, CA
Counseling Center, Petaluma, CA
Acupuncture Clinic, Petaluma, CA
Dairy Consultants, Santa Rosa, CA

Photographer, Rohnert Park, CA
Bed & Breakfast, Mendocino, CA
Interior Designers, Miami, FL
Video Producer, San Rafael, CA
Photographer, Petaluma, CA
Creative Director, Petaluma, CA
Architect, Pasadena, CA

Geologist, Cotati, CA
Travel Tour Operator, Seattle, WA
Photographer, Cotati, CA
Japanese Maple Nursery, Kenwood, CA
Pilates Instructor, Santa Rosa, CA
Author, Rohnert Park, CA
Basketball Coach, Washington, DC